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Hi there guys, my name is Olive, but you can call me Liv. I don't even like olives.

I'm a junior at McKinley High School and I'm in the glee club, the New Directions. My best friend and best girlfriend Carli Anderson is a member too. I'm in the God Squad too, but I'm pretty sure it's just me and Sam now. We mostly just shoot each other with rubber bands during our meetings nowadays. Praise.

My cousin Finn passed recently, and it's still rough on me and my family, but we're getting through it. It helps that I have such a great support system. Rest in peace, you big lug.

That’s great, right? I mean, I haven’t gotten to see her in a while, but, y’know. Carli doesn’t get to see her superstar big bro much, and she can see boring old me anytime she wants. Besides, I’ve been busy, too! I mean, I’ve been catching up on the Legend of Korra episodes that have been cluttering up the DVR. I don’t get to see them when they air because Carli and I usually hang out on Saturday. But… that hasn’t really been a problem lately.

… Does anybody else want to go to Breadstix and hold hands with me?